Karkonoskie Stowarzyszenie Szybowcowe
Projekt Himalaya Gliding im Gange

On Sebastian Kawa's Project FB page you can find very nice post about our Society.  We appreciate and thank you :)

" One team was staying out of the spotlight during the preparation activities - Karkonoskie Stowarzyszenie Szybowcowe. They were the first to support the project - the glider, it's high altitude modifications - are all owed to them. It is they who pushed the project from the dreams into the preparation frenzy. Perhaps not an isolated effort of that outfit. Just in the last month KSS had organized 2 training camps for an international group of over 90 people, resulting in about 1000 flying hours, multiple diamond badges and many new ratings for ridge and/or wave flights in pilot's logbooks. Just as one of the camps was in a full swing the news from Australia arrived - Matthew Scutter, one of Spring KSS camp participants, had won 15m Nationals and is coming next year to Poland for WGC representing his country. Again, Spring training with KSS is planned. Remarkably rich record of projects and achievements that the KSS had some share in, just in one year. And the year is not over yet. LBNL, many media interviews/programs concerning the project were recorded or organized with the KSS support. A whale of a gliding community supporter... (Turns out whales do fly)."

Source: Facebook - Himalaya Gliding Project



15 November 2013
Gliding in Beskidy Mountains

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Kontakt: KSS Jezow Riesengebirge Segelflugverein
Miedzybrodzie Zywieckie

Miedzybrodzie Zywieckie
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Web Site: http://www.kssjezow.pl
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Have you ever thought to visit the legendary Airfield GSS Zar in the Beskidy Mountains - the base of Sebastian Kawa?
Fly in the Tatra Mountains with the Champion of the world?
Do you want to spend an amazing week in the company of the best Polish pilots? This is the best choice for you!

Gliding Mountain Camp
organized by KSS Jezow and GSS ZAR
on 11-19.05.2013
is an opportunity to have fun, make new friends and to soar in one of the most beautiful areas in Poland.

Contact us for more information.
Our camp is a non-profit event. You may come with your own glider, or use the equipment that we own.
We provide support of instructors, including the two-seater glider flights.

There is the hotel and restaurant just in the airfield, or plenty of places to stay and eat with famous Polish highlander kitchen, very close to Zar.

It is only few kilometers to Zywiec, with its historic brewery, aquapark for relaxing and just a moment to Wisla village - home of Adam Malysz.

Come and Fly with us in the Land of The

Welcome to GSS Zar !

Marek Jóźwicki
25 März 2013
I Frühlings Streckenfluglagers

KSS ist Mitorganisator des I Frühlings Streckenfluglagers, das vom 6.-16.6. am Flugplat mitLubin stattfinden wird. Einzelheiten hierüber in der Spalte Wettbewerbe und Neuigkeiten.

Marek Jóźwicki
23 Mai 2011
Vom 11.-18.3.2011 organisierte R.Bendkowski ein Gebirgsfluglager in Serres

Vom 11.-18.3.2011 organisierte unser Mitglied Ryszard Bendkowski ein Gebirgsfluglager in Serres. Dieses Zentrum in den Alpen wird vom mehrfachen Weltrekordhalter Klaus Ohlmann geführt. Mit dem folgendem Link kann man sich darüber informieren.

Es folgt ein Bericht über dies Ereignis.

Marek Jóźwicki
22 Mai 2011
Am 15.02.2011 begann offiziell die Vereinstätigkeit vom KSS Jeżów

Am 15.02.2011 begann offiziell die Vereinstätigkeit vom  Karkonoskie Stowarzyszenie Szybowcowe.

Riesengbirgs – Segelflugverein. Wir sind schon im amtlichen Vereinsregister eingetragen. In naher Zukunft müssten wir die Sportklublizen mitvom Polnischen Aeroklub erhalten.

Wir laden ein sich über unsere Vereinstätigkeiten zu informieren.

Marek Jóźwicki
10 Mai 2011